Questions answered below:

No text is displayed
Check the following:
1. Make sure the unit is plugged in securely;
2. Make sure the software is running; you should see this icon [picture] in your SystemTray;
3. Set the display's Contrast to 50%. (If the contrast is set too low, the text may be too light to be visible);

The display is dark
Problem: The display looks like a bunch of black squares.
A display with too much contrast
Solution: Set the display's Contrast to 50%. (If the contrast is set too high, the background may be too dark to see the text.)

The display appears blank
Problem: The display looks empty, i.e. there's nothing displayed.
A display with too little contrast, or no power
Solution: Make sure the display is plugged in; Set the display's Contrast to 50%. (If the contrast is set too low, the text may be too light to see.)

Installation Failed
Problem: The software installation didn't do the job-- I can't use Mister Tipster!
Check the following:
Are you sure you can install software on to your computer? Some businesses setup their computers so only "system administrators" have permission to install software. If you're not sure, contact your company's IT department.
Are you running Windows XP (or better) with the latest fixes? Run Microsoft Update.

How do I install Mister Tipster on a Windows Vista PC?
Please click here for detailed instructions.

How do I install Mister Tipster on a Windows 7 PC?
Please click here for detailed instructions.

CD-Key - Problems entering the CD-Key
Problem: During the product installation you are asked to enter the CD-Key and you're having problems with it.
Make sure you're entering the CD-Key exactly as written on your CD sleeve (the envelope in which your Mister Tipster CD came). Include the dashes and watch upper and lower cases. "O" are 'ohs' and "0" are 'zeroes.'

My Feeds aren't updating
Problem: Mister Tipster doesn't seem to be updating the data.
Check the following:
Make sure you're connected to the Internet. Perhaps your connection is down.
Check to see what "refresh interval" you have set for the feed. This is in Manage Feeds
Click on "Refresh All Feeds" to immediately refresh all the feeds you have active.
It is possible the feed you are downloading hasn't updated for a while or they're having site troubles. Wait a reasonable time (give them a chance to reset their servers or update their data) before contacting them.

A feed worked yesterday, but not today
Unfortunately, this problem can have many reasons:
1. Verify your computer can access the Internet;
2. Some RSS feeds are temporary-- they may exist for only a few hours;
3. The RSS feed may be temporarily unavailable (the site is down, the file is being updated, etc.);
4. The RSS feed may contain an error (check back later for an updated feed).

How do I add a feed?
Problem: Your friend just emailed the coolest feed ever, but you're not sure how to have Mister Tipster show it.
1. Start Mister Tipster;
2. Select the Manage Feeds tab;
3. Click on Add Your Own Feed.... The "Add a Feed to Your Library" window is shown;
a.. Type in a display name for the feed, e.g. "Tom's Favorite Feed";
b. Click on the Internet Address option and type in (or paste) the link's address, e.g.
c. Click on the Verify Feed button to make sure it is accessible;
d. Click Save. The feed has been added to your Feed Library.
4. Highlight the new feed and click the Activate Feed (right) arrow. That's it!

The Mister Tipster hat icon in the System Tray keeps disappearing
To keep the Mister Tipster icon from disappearing from your System Tray, follow these steps:
1. Right click on the "Show hidden icons" arrow and select Properties;
2. On the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, select the Taskbar tab and click on the Customize button;
3. Find the Mister Tipster entry (Mister Tipster must be running) and select "Always show" for its behavior.

What does "Free software updates (within a major version)" mean?
The Update feature of the Mister Tipster management software will download and install, for free, any updates that are for your current major version number. For example, if you received a Mister Tipster CD with software version 1.2.345 on it, the Update feature will update you to any newer version, 1.x.yyy, such as 1.3.567. If a software version 2.0.0 exists, your hardware/software may not be eligible for an update. Typically, such a 'major version' step occurs with a difference in hardware, and your Mister Tipster hardware would not work with that version.