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Know about how long you can stay in the sun with the UV Index app. The EPA or TEMIS's forecasted UV Index is automatically obtained based on your current location. Select your skin type, sunscreen's SPF, the local terrain (park, beach, city, skiing, etc.) and cloud cover and the app will calculate how long you have in the sun before skin damage occurs. Tap the UV Index icon to flip between the calculated maximum and the estimated current index for the day.
Remember that all these variables are estimates based on predictions and your safe time in the sun can be significantly shorter!

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Setting Your Conditions

The UV Index app provides four customizable conditions: your skin type, the current cloud cover, your immediate surroundings, and the SPF of the sunscreen you're wearing.


Type I: Fair skin, prone to burning easily, freckles
Type II: Tans
Type III: Darker, olive skin
Type IV: Dark skin


Clear, sunny skies
Some cloud cover, but mostly sunny
Mostly cloudy skies
Completely overcast, foggy, rainy


Park, grassy area
In the mountains or higher elevation
In snow-covered mountains or higher elevation
Lower elevations with snow covered ground
City, residential area, office buildings
Surrounded by water such as a pool or in the water at the beach
At the beach, sand


Select the closest SPF for the sunscreen you're using. Select "0" if you're wearing no sunscreen.

Set Time

Use this feature to remember the time you're suppose to get out of the sun. Let's say you go to the beach at 9:00 AM and the UV Index app suggests you seek shade by 2:40 PM. Click "Set Time" and the next time you run the UV Index app (that day), you'll see a reminder that you're suppose to get out of the sun by 2:40 PM.

System Requirements

Apple iPhone, iTouch (not tested on the iPad)
Location Services must be 'On'.
Internet connection must be available.

Bugs & Comments

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